Work began on creating our Wild Garden in August 2021. The space at the back of the church hall was largely overgrown and full of nettles, weeds and brambles. It was decided this would be the perfect area to create a peaceful, tranquil environment amongst wild flowers and the trees.

To begin weed killer was sprayed onto the area to kill off stubborn nettles and brambles and left to take hold over the coming months.

Fast forward to March 2022 and the area is now clear of nettles and weeds. A community litter pick was organised to clear the site of rubbish, particulary from under the trees at the back. Once this was completed the ground was prepared and sowed with wild flower seeds.

The seeds were left to grow over the coming months. Bug hotels and lavender were placed in the garden during this time.

As wild flowers began to grow taller and taller, a grass pathway was created leading towards the seating area.

By July 22 the flowers were in full bloom and the seating was installed, along with the sign. The wild garden was officially opened on the 10th July 2022.

With phase one of the project complete, watch this space as more will be added to the garden over the coming months.